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Is Firebase good for startups?

Is Firebase good for startups?

As a serverless platform, Firebase provides a wast set of tools that speed up the product launch and market research while saving limited resources at the beginning. Thus, that is an excellent choice on the Seed stage.

And after finding the niche and starting growing, there are two possible strategies to follow:

  1. Gradually migrating into a more predictable and controlled backend infrastructure to mitigate high-costs risks.

  2. Continue using Firebase with additional measures:

    • Make sure that you understand the price calculation policy and keep watching its changes;

    • Budget growing costs with a risk buffer;

    • Thoroughly test the efficiency of client-to-server, server-to-server communications, as even a small bug can lead to useless data transferring loops and exponential growth of costs.

    • Still, use option one if your platform works with photo and video content.

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