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Software development for piloting an idea

Software development for piloting an idea

As engineers, we strive to develop our professional skills all the time. So we eager to think carefully, predict future needs in advance, build the most flexible implementation, apply sophisticated and trendy architecture patterns and approaches.

Besides, we don’t like off-the-shelf services, frameworks, etc. Those tools allow to implement the base features faster but can impede the development of more advanced logic afterward.

Right? :)

Those two peculiarities slow down the market research and waste the precious resources at the beginning. It’s important to remember, that even a brilliant idea requires many iterations of launch -> get feedback -> change to be honed and perfected. And the best way to speed up that cycle is to use quick-and-dirty approaches and existing services, platforms, frameworks, etc. So it’s better to hold our perfectionist until intensive growth and scaling phases.

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