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What is the fastest way to create MVP for mobile?

What is the fastest way to create MVP for mobile?

By all means, the most powerful approach for both iOS and Android is using their native technologies. But that way requires the most time and effort. Hence it’s not for MVP.

Adaptive Web is a good option to pilot hypothesis when you don’t need specific device functions and can go without offline mode. It doesn’t require installing anything and can be implemented pretty fast.

Another speedy but not so obvious alternative is chatbots that feet well for piloting scenarios without an extensive user interface. We often see them as a replacement for human interactions. Yet it can be a lightweight and convenient user interface for many other cases. Besides, it provides an advantage of using joint interactions within user groups and channels.

Hybrid Apps suite the best for all other scenarios as they target multiple mobile platforms, allow to work with device capabilities like geolocation, accelerometer or the camera and can work in the offline mode. And Flutter with rapid development capabilities, plenty of widgets and integration with the Firebase serverless components looks the most prominent.

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